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Sightseeing Manali

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Go out and meet the call of nature as the hills welcome you with open arms
Solang Valley, Manali

Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass are also not too far from the area and are known for their own adventure slaking reputation. Solang Valley is situated 13 kilometers from Kullu valley and is a splendid valley between Solang village and Beas Kund. Solang Valley offers beautiful vistas of snow covered peaks and mountain ranges.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is situated 51 kilometers from Manali. It is located at a height of roughly 4000 meters on a highway to Leh. The once important trade route still offers exquisite views and vistas for all the pathfarers. It remains a gateway to the district of Lahal and Spiti.

Hidimba Temple

Hidimba Temple - This historical Hidimba devi temple is dedicated to Hidimba who is the patron goddess of Kullu and wife of Mahabharata's famous Pandava Bhima. Hidimba devi temple is a famous and large temple dedicated to a lore of Mahabharata - a text much too famous in Hindu mythology. The place is replete with stories about her.


Kothi - Is the camping site for all who wish to go to Rohtang Pass. It is located at the foothill of Rohtang pass. Kothi in Hindi means a large house where rich people live, so this place is aptly named Kothi to be the residing place of Devas or gods and their goddesses.

Manali gompa

Manali Gompa - .The Gompa is famous for its wall paintings, Chortens and a large statue of Lord Buddha. The Manali Gompa is replete with wall paintings that adorn the areas of the Gompa and make it a vista to view for sure, the large statue of Lord Buddha is certainly one of the most humbling and beautiful sites to visit.

Manu Temple

Manu Temple - The famous temple on whose name Manali is named. Sage Manu is the deity of the temple. Manu temple is the key temple to visit when you go to Manali. Manu temple provides a lot of solace to a Hindu soul when one looks for a temple. The only other important temple of repute other than this is Hidimba temple.


Monastries - Manali is also home to many Tibetan monastaries which have been built recently. Monastries by Buddhists have a typical construction and design. Architecturally similar but ideologically differing groups of people throng in these monastries to seek education, enlightenment and liberation from mortal bonds.

Rohalla Falls

Rahalla Falls - Is on the route to Lahal and Spiti and is one of the most beautiful spectacles to behold. Rahalla Falls is one of nature's most extraordinary views and has a mesmerising quality to it, it will be able to hold your attention endlessly - for several hours at the least.

Vashishtha temple

Vashishtha - The hot water Sulphur springs at the small village called Vashishtha are famous near Manali. Not only does the energising and spiritual spring make it an attraction to which a large group of people flock. People from all around come for seeking blessings from the holy spring water here.